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Superimposition of the binding pocket residues of human zinc-binding alcohol dehydrogenase in the presence of a ligand molecule Binding pockets Chayan Acharya, Irina Kufareva, Andrey Ilatovskiy Structure based study of the properties of the binding pockets to investigate their potential as drug targets
Retroviral capsid shapes Capsid shapes Marco Neves Study of retroviral capsid shapes, built from hexamers and pentamers, stability and assembly using macromolecular docking of highly flexible protein subunits and simplified coarse-grain models.
Alcohol dehydrogenase 1A Pocketome Database Andrey Ilatovskiy, Irina Kufareva The Pocketome Database is a comprehensive collection of structural ensembles of crystallographically identified binding pockets. The pockets also classified into clusters of alternative conformations.
Last updated: 2013/05/31