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GPCRDock 2010 project and model-evaluation web site


This community-wide GPCR Dock assessment was a collaboration between Stevens lab at TSRI, our lab and thirty five dedicated groups of modelers; it was based on two several structures of two GPCRs [2,3].

The present round of the assessment was based on the recent structures of dopamine D3 and CXCR4 chemokine receptors bound to small molecule antagonists and CXCR4 with a synthetic cyclopeptide. Thirty-five groups submitted their receptor-ligand complex structure predictions prior to the release of the crystallographic coordinates. With closely related homology modeling templates, as for dopamine D3 receptor, and with incorporation of biochemical and QSAR data, modern computational techniques predicted complex details with accuracy approaching experimental. In contrast, CXCR4 complexes that had less-characterized interactions and only distant homology to the known GPCR structures still remained very challenging. The assessment results provide guidance for modeling and crystallographic communities in method development and target selection for further expansion of the structural coverage of the GPCR universe.

Paper and Website

The paper has been published in Structure [1] ( Article, Supplementary materials ) and submitted models are served and evaluated from our lab model server. journal_cover


Here is the bottomline with a crescendo:


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Last updated: 2013/05/31