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Current Abagyan Lab Members

Principal Lab Members:

Ruben Abagyan

Ph.D., Professor, Lab Head
ruben at ucsd.edu
Interests: (i) gently bossing people around, (ii) computational structural proteomics, (iii) structure based ligand discovery technologies and applications; (iv) cancer and neuro- therapeutics

Irina Kufareva

Ph.D., Project Scientist
ikufareva at ucsd.edu
Interests: Advanced modeling of kinases, designing atypical and specific kinase inhibitors, protein protein and protein membrane interface prediction

Andrey Ilatovskiy

ailatovskiy at ucsd.edu
Also Associated With: Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, St-Petersburg, Russia Interests: structural biology, unix, databases, informatics


Karie Wright

Administrative Assistant
k6wright at ucsd.edu

Chris Edwards

System Administrator
cxedwards at ucsd.edu

Visiting Students and Scholars:

Thibault Ali

visiting pharmacy student
University of Strasbourg
Strasbourg, France

Thomas Schleret

visiting pharmacy student
University of Strasbourg
Strasbourg, France

Anna Subbotina

visiting scholar
Arctic University of Norway
Tromso, Norway

Kevin Widmer

visiting pharmacy student
University of Basel
Basel, Switzerland

Rotation Students And Interns:

Trevor Zandi

UCSD undergrad

Kirti Chahal

grad student

Joyce Lee

UCSD undergrad

Jasmine Kyung

UCSD undergrad
Last updated: March 08, 2015